The ELISAONE assay performed on a multi-mode microplate reader from BMG LABTECH

Miriam Uppill, Antony Sheehan, Ron Osmond TGR BioSciences Pty Ltd 03/2011

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) are popular tools for the detection of antigens due to their high specificity and sensitivity. ELISAONE assays (TGRBioSciences) differ from traditional immuno-sandwiches as the analyte and antibodies are added to the ELISAONE at the same time, allowing solution-phase binding. After incubation, unbound assay reagents and analytes are washed away, and only immunocomplexes containing both antibodies are detected. Short incubation time and reduction to one washing step allows completion of the assay in 60 min. As the antibodies are not fixed to the plate, assays for several different targets can be performed in different wells on the same microplate, side by-side.


This application note establishes ELISAONE™ as a robust and sensitive technology for detection of the biomarkers EGF and IL2. The filter-based microplate reader from BMG LABTECH provides an easy-to-use instrument that measures this fluorescence based assay quickly, accurately and robustly.

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