Data privacy policy for presence on INSTAGRAM

The company BMG LABTECH uses the technical platform and services of Instagram Inc., 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA, 94025, USA for the information service offered.


Please note that you use this Instagram page and its functions under your own responsibility. This applies, in particular, to the use of interactive functions (e.g. commenting and rating).


When you visit our Instagram page, Instagram registers, among other things, your IP address and other information present in the form of cookies on your PC. This information is used to provide us as operator of the Instagram page with statistical information about use of the page.


Data collected about you in this context are processed by Instagram Ltd., and possibly transferred to countries outside the European Union. Which information Instagram receives, and how the information is used, is described in a general form by Instagram's data usage policies. There you will also find information on possibilities of contacting Instagram and performing settings with regard to display of ads. The data usage policies are available at the following link:


Instagram neither definitively nor clearly describes, nor do we know, how Instagram uses data related to visits of Instagram pages for its own purposes, the extent to which activities on Instagram pages are associated with individual users, how long Instagram stores these data, and whether data from a visit to a Instagram page are passed on to third parties.


When you access an Instagram page, the IP address assigned to your device is transmitted to Instagram. According to Instagram, this IP address is anonymized (at least in the case of IP addresses apparently originating from Germany) and deleted after 90 days. Instagram also stores information about its users' devices (e.g. as part of login notification); this can allow Instagram to associate IP addresses with individual users.


If you are currently logged in at Instagram as a user, there is a cookie with your Instagram ID on your device. This allows Instagram to track your visit to the page and your activities there. This also applies to all other Instagram pages. Via buttons integrated into its web pages, Instagram can register your visits to the pages and associate them with your Instagram profile. These data can be used to offer content or ads tailored to you.


If you want to avoid this, you should log out of Instagram, having made sure that the "stay logged in" function is disabled, delete the cookies present on your device, stop your browser and then restart it.


This deletes the information via which Instagram can identify you directly. It allows you to use our Instagram page without disclosing your Instagram ID. If you then try to access interactive functions on the page (reactions, comments, messages etc.), Instagram shows a login dialog. If you decide to log in again, you will be recognizable as a specific user for Instagram.


Information on how to manage or delete existent personal data is provided in the following Instagram help section:

As a provider of this information service, we do not collect or process any further data from your use of our service.


The currently valid version of this data privacy policy can be found in the section on data policies on the relevant Instagram page. 


If you have any questions about the information offered by us, you can contact us by phone +49 781 96968-0 or at