Luciferase plate reader

Luciferase plate reader: reliable, fast and sensitive

Readers for all needs from basic research to drug discovery

  • High-end plate microplate readers for sensitive, fast and reliable luminescence measurements
  • Available as single mode or multi-mode instruments (incl. fluorescence and absorbance)
  • Detect all luciferase signals from reporter (e.g.: renilla, gaussia) to BRET
  • Detection in end-point and kinetic assays
  • LVF Monochromator-based plate readers for wavelength scanning and assay development
  • Simultaneous Dual Emission detects two wavelengths such as for dual glow or BRET simultaneously
  • The cross-talk reduction package improves data quality and reduces false positives
  • Compatible with plate formats up to 3456 wells for assay miniaturization
  • DLReady certified
  • BMG LABTECH is the only made in Germany plate reader manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience
Microplate reader PHERAstar FSX


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