GPCR Binding and signalling studies with the PHERAstar

  • Company/University: Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology of the University of Nottingham, UK
  • Interviewee: Dr Dmitry Veprintsev (Professor of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology) & Dr David Sykes (Senior Experimental Officer)
  • Products used: PHERAstar FS
  • Method: compound screening and kinetic binding assays using HTRF, FRET and BRET

The group wanted to improve the efficiency of their GPCR protein-protein interaction assays as radioactive-based binding assays are both time consuming and cost intensive. The PHERAstar FS microplate reader was chosen for its sensitivity and versatility.  

The establishment of high-throughput FRET-based GPCR kinetic binding assays increased the amount of compounds that could be tested and decreased the time it took to screen them. 

The PHERAstar FS is routinely used for kinetic GPCR competition-based binding assays in the lab.

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