SNP Genotyping

Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) can be used as genetic markers in Agrigenomics to identify seeds or plants in breeding programs.

Dr EJ Dell Dr EJ Dell (10)

There are several different chemistries that can perform SNP Genotyping amongst which are KASPar®, Taqman®, and Invader®. These chemistries rely on the detection of multiple fluorophores for each sample and when screening thousands of samples an instrument is needed that can reliably read these multiple fluorophores in a high-throughput manner.

The PHERAstar Plus and the PHERAstar FS are the perfect instruments to handle these screens. Having Dual Emission Detection and the ability to read 1536-well microplates in less than a minute, the PHERAstar microplate readers make SNP Genotyping a snap.

For more information, check out this application note showing how the misread rate of SNP Genotyping using KASPar® is less than 0.1, while a recent publication shows how the PHERAstar and KASPar® have been used for the genetic mapping of Pigeonpea and Legumes.

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