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Many of our Microplate Readers have received certifcation from reagent companies for their outstanding performance with various assay technologies. For more information about these certifications and assay technologies as well as which microplate readers can perform these assays, please click on the certifications below:


In addition we have also gathered information on the following assay technologies:


Transcreener® ADP2 FI Assay


The Transcreener® ADP2 Fluorescent Intensity (FI) Assay from BellBrook Labs extends the Transcreener® platform for ADP detection by utilizing a simple fluorescent intensity output which can be used on both fluorescence readers typically found in academic and therapeutic research labs (such as the FLUOstar Omega and POLARstar Omega) as well as more complex multimode plate readers more commonly used in core facilities and HTS labs (such as the PHERAstar FSX).

The Transcreener® ADP2 FI Assay is a red, competitive fluorescence intensity assay based on the detection of ADP and therefore is compatible with any enzyme class that produces ADP, including protein, lipid, and carbohydrate kinases, ATPases, DNA helicases, carboxylases and glutamine synthetase. It is a simple one step homogenous detection assay, and is flexible with regard to ATP concentration (0.1 to 1,000 µM ATP). The assay provides excellent signal at low substrate conversion, with a Z' ≥ 0.7 at 2.5% ATP conversion using 1 µM ATP.

Transcreener is the simplest, most direct ADP detection method available: binding of ADP to antibody displaces a tracer, causing a change in its fluorescence properties. It has fewer reagents, fewer assay steps and less chance of inter­ference compared with other methods, all of which rely on coupling and/or reporter enzymes

BMG LABTECH has also published an application note (AN) with BellBrook Labs:

Transcreener® ADP2 FI Assay using PHERAstar and Omega microplate readers (AN 201)

For more information about the Transcreener® ADP2 FI Assay and other Transcreener®technologies visit:

Transcreener is a patented technology of BellBrook Labs.