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In our applications center you will find what you are looking for. We have over 3000 Application Notes, Conference Posters, and Published Articles on a multitude of applications.

BMG LABTECH understands that a perfectly engineered microplate reader is only part of the solution. Showing the plate reader's ability to perform all of the leading applications is the additional piece.

We collaborate with all the leading reagent companies to optimize their assays on our microplate readers. In addition, there are many assays that can only be performed on BMG LABTECH readers. 

Application Notes

BMG LABTECH microplate readers are used in a multitude of applications (e.g. Food assays, microbial growth, cellular analysis, high throughput screening and many more).

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Scientific Posters

BMG LABTECH regularly presents new applications in poster format at different events. These posters can be found at events that BMG LABTECH attends throughout the year.

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Scientific Papers

BMG LABTECH's applications database contains more than 2800 entries of peer-reviewed, scientific references. As well as application notes and posters, we also include scientific publications.

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Have a new application that you want to share? Work with our highly experienced applications scientists to turn your research into an Application Note. Contact us today at

With our Applications Compatibility Chart, it is easy to see which microplate readers are the best choice for your applications. Our extensive range of top-of-the line microplate readers can be used for countless applications in basic research, life science and drug discovery.

For more information about specific detection modes and assay technologies available in our microplate readers, visit our Technology section.

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