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BMG LABTECH are proud sponsors of the BPS annual conference 2020, an association that extends beyond 10 years.  BMG LABTECH has over 30 years of business and has earned the reputation of being a technology leader through ongoing innovations and by carefully listening to the needs of the scientific community. Technologies frequently used with our instruments include FRET and TR-FRET assays, BRET assays, FP and AlphaLISA/alphascreen.  Our users have utilised these technologies to study binding assays, cellular response, drug mode of action and mechanisms of diseases including cardiovascular and Neurological diseases. 

Below are some relevant application notes but please come back during the BPS meeting for more relevant content


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App note 253: Real-time calcium flux measurements in iPSC derived 3D heart tissue

The ability to generate 3D engineered heart tissues using cardiac myocytes derived from various individuals with different susceptibility to toxicants and drugs could become an important tool to develop safer and more effective personalized treatments. The app note demonstrates that with the CLARIOstar microplate reader it is possible to measure 100 data points per second. This is very important in these fast kinetic reactions, allowing calcium transient measurements in real time to profile drug-induced changes in excitation-contraction coupling.


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App note 333: Monitoring intracellular calcium using fluorescent dyes in a mid-throughput assay
Changes in the intracellular concentration of Ca2+ ions is the basis for numerous cellular responses; from receptor signalling to mediating contractile function. Thus accurate techniques to monitor intracellular [Ca2+] are in high demand for both academic and industrial research. Traditionally, monitoring  intracellular Ca2+ requires live-cell fluorescence imaging. Advances in microplate reader technology, including the ability to incubate at 37°C and 5% CO2 and inject reagents automatically, have allowed the adaptation of the traditional fluorescence-based assays to a microplate format. This greatly increases the throughput and automation of such assays.


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App note 270: Detection of tyrosine kinase activity in AlphaScreen mode
Kinases have been found to be involved in e.g. cancer and cardiovascular diseases; therefore, molecules that modulate kinase functions are expected to be promising new drugs. This application note describes the performance of a tyrosine kinase assay using the AlphaScreen® (amplified luminescent proximity homogeneous assay) method.


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App note 232: Real-time quaking induced conversion assay for prion seeding
Prion seeding can be measured faster and in a higher throughput using the RT-QuIC assay and a microplate reader. The microplate readers from BMG LABTECH are both functional and robust to withstand the many days of shaking at high speeds required for this assay.


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App note 350: Fast and accurate detection of Alzheimer’s Disease targets with SimpleStep ELISA kits and SPECTROstar Nano

Assessing expression of neuronal targets is an important part in Alzheimer’s disease research. This app note used SimpleStep ELISA® Kits to quantify BDNF, Tau and TREM2 in a one-wash 90 min protocol using BMGLABTECH’s SPECTROstar®Nano  and results were analysed automatically with MARS analysis software.


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App note 323: Novel aggregation-specific fluorogen monitors prefibrillar protein aggregation by fluorescence polarisation (FP)
A novel broad-spectrum fluorescent probe: (bis(triphenylphosphonium) tetraphenylethene (TPE-TPP))-based FP measurements can monitor the fibrillar assembly of a variety of amyloid fibril-forming proteins in situ. In addition, the CLARIOstar multi-mode reader (BMG Labtech) is a versatile tool for these studies, offering temperature control to 65°C, heavy duty shaking, and high FP sensitivity.


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