Will the CLARIOstar be able to perform fast kinetic assays?

May 14, 2013

Since the CLARIOstar can be equipped with up to two reagent injectors it will indeed be capable of injecting a reagent that initiates a reaction and quickly begin to monitor the progress of said reaction.

Image of Dr EJ Dell
Dr EJ Dell
PhD, Sales Manager Northwest

These injectors are similar to the reagent injectors that have been available on other BMG LABTECH microplate readers for years.

Indeed, preliminary results with the CLARIOstar have shown it is capable of performing Dual Luciferase Reporter assays. DLR assays are commonly used to assess regulation of gene expression and employ the successive activation of firefly and Renilla luciferase. Included in the reagents that activate Renilla is a reagent that stops the firefly reaction so that Renilla signal can be detected. The CLARIOstar with on-board injectors performed this assay admirably well.

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