What If Your Life Revolves Around Microplate Readers?

November 21, 2017

I am a road warrior, a BMG LABTECH technical service road warrior to be more specific. For the past 17 years I have crisscrossed the country helping BMG LABTECH customers with routine service visits and the occasional onsite repair. 

Eric Matthews
Eric Matthews
Vice President of U.S. Sales and Business Development

Along the way I have racked up frequent flyer miles, rental car points, hotel points and refrigerator magnets from nearly every city and state in the country. In the same way that some rock stars have a girl in every city, I have microplate readers in every city.


When you travel for a living, Murphy is a constant companion. Blizzards in Boston, thunderstorms in Atlanta, fog in San Diego and San Francisco, and deer on the runway in Kansas City are just a few of the things you encounter when your life and work revolve around the airline’s schedule. Long days, expensive yet bad food, various flight delays, and tight airline seats are all part of the deal. After all these years, I can barely remember what a normal eight-hour work day feels like.


Our entire support team here at BMG LABTECH love what we do. We get to see the country, meet our customers face to face, and get them back on track – no matter the service or situation. Sometimes our services are routine QC/PM (Quality Control / Preventative Maintenance) and sometimes they are full blow repairs of their microplate readers. No matter what the case the Technical Support Team is up the challenge and deliver on-time and reliable service.


Our customers keep us busy maintaining the key equipment that is vital for their lab’s success. Some of our customers are Preferred Service plan members and they receive routine maintenance as part of the package. Others have maintained their plans for more than ten years! Our microplate readers are dependable and reliable but like anything else they do take some TLC now and then. It’s always nice to be greeted like an old friend when we walk in the door to keep that equipment running smooth.


So, if it’s been a while since you’ve seen a smiling BMG LABTECH Tech Support face please give us a call and arrange for a routine maintenance on your equipment. We are happy to visit your city and business or if budget is your primary concern we also have a service depot available to receive your reader. Ask about our various service options, service plans, and available upgrades for your equipment!


Greetings from the road and we hope to see you soon!