What are the advantages of well scanning?

November 26, 2012

Under normal reading conditions, most plate readers take a single measurement in the center of each well.

Image of Dr EJ Dell
Dr EJ Dell
PhD, Sales Manager Northwest

For cell based assays where the cell distribution is uneven a single center well reading is insufficient. In some cases, a single center point reading may completely miss the material of interest in a large well format.


To overcome this problem, BMG LABTECH has added an advanced Well Scanning feature to its plate reader lines. In Well Scanning mode the microplate reader can take multiple measurements in each well with up to 30 x 30 data points. Well scanning (30 x 30 matrix) and Direct Optic Bottom reading provide the PHERAstar FS with an excellent platform for advanced high resolution cell-based analysis in 384 well plates. This enables the PHERAstar FS to perform cell-based assays that other microplate readers cannot.


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