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BMG LABTECH unveils website relaunch: clear, user-friendly and responsive

Ortenberg, Germany (September 2017) – BMG LABTECH today announced the launch of a newly redesigned version of its website, www.bmglabtech.com. The site's clean and modern look, combined with improved search functionality, and optimization for mobile devices allow visitors to better interact with BMG LABTECH online.


The revamped website offers quick and easy access to essential information and features about the company’s high quality microplate readers. The website’s homepage gives an overview of updated company news and events as well as testimonials to BMG LABTECH’s products. Key features of the site include a simplified navigation with prominent quick links to important content like detailed background information to applications and technologies. The website also provides a more engaging user experience with enhanced search through the extensive database of application notes and scientific content, and the capability to share files securely with the company’s customer support. Moreover, visitors have the possibility to easily compare the specifications of readers to find the product that fits their needs best.


“We are excited about our website relaunch and the enhanced usability it provides for our visitors. The site now matches the new corporate identity, we introduced at the beginning of 2017. In addition, the new content management system helps us to optimize marketing processes and enables the integration of further features which are planned for the near future. For anyone who works with microplate readers, the site is worth a bookmark”, said Tobias Pusterla, International Marketing Manager of BMG LABTECH.

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