User definable Assay Buttons

August 06, 2012

User-definable assay buttons can be created in the Microplate, Cuvette (SPECTROstar Nano) and LVis Plate tabs of the main program window for faster access to frequently used protocols.

Image of Dr EJ Dell
Dr EJ Dell
PhD, Sales Manager Northwest

Creating a new button is possible by clicking the ‘New Button’ or by copying an existing user button. You can also drag a Microplate or LVis Plate protocol from the protocol selection window directly to the user button region.


Right clicking a user button opens a menu with allows you to start the measurement immediately (without opening the Start Measurement dialogue) and to edit the test protocol. Change the position of a user button by simply dragging it to its new position (drag-and-drop).

Special notes about assay buttons: The left click function is configurable, see Program Configuration - Preferences Tab. User-definable buttons can be switched off using the program configuration dialogue. The user-definable buttons use the user-specific protocol data bases; therefore, each user can create his own set of buttons and can define the protocols independently. Run Only users (see chapter Login Screen) are not allowed to create or delete user-definable buttons or to edit the associated test protocols.

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