Recap SFFRI Meeting

June 13, 2018

This week was the 19th SFRRI hosted this year in Lisbon, Portugal, Europe’s most westerly capital city and supposedly the sunniest; however this week saw clouds and occasional rain but the prospect of a packed week ‘Redox Biology and all things Free Radical’ more than compensated for the unseasonable weather.

Image of Robert Mount
Dr Robert Mount
PhD, Managing Director

It was a packed agenda with 4 days of presentations consisting of parallel sessions, plenary lectures and poster sessions and covered a wide range of topics from the Biology of H2O2 to Molecular Oxygen in Health and Disease and attracted close to 500 scientists from all corners of the globe.

The quality of the all the presentations was exceptional, Professor Giovanni Mann and Dr Thomas Keeley included some great data generated on the CLARIOstar equipped with the ACU focussing on the upmost importance of performing experiments in PhysOxia conditions.

Other notable orators were Professor Sir Peter Ratcliffe who gave a compelling presentation entitled ‘New horizons in hypoxia signalling pathways in health and disease’ and Dr Mike Murphy who presented ‘Exploring mitochondrial free radical production in health and disease’ which was informative and equally humorous.

Professor Mann has collaborated with BMG LABTECH, Baker Ruskinn and Luxcel (now part of Agilent) over several years and data generated during this time was recently presented by Professor Mann in the webcast – ‘Defining physiological normoxia in cultured cells for translation to animal models and man’


BMG LABTECH showcased the CLARIOstar with ACU (Atmospheric Control Unit) and featured several of the applications notes pertinent to the Free Radical and Redox Biology arena. Throughout the four days there was a steady stream of scientists interesting to hear more about the CLARIOstar following its prominence in the scientific presentations.

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