SNP genotyping using the Amplifluor system and the FLUOstar

December 14, 2012

SNPs (Single nucleotide polymorphisms) are places in genomic DNA with a single nucleotide difference between individuals in a species.

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Dr EJ Dell
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SNPs are a common occurring mutation found in DNA sequences. These genetic variations can occur in coding or non-coding regions and can either have an extreme or no effect on a particular organism. Therefore SNP detection has become important for medical research and pharmacology.


The detection of SNPs (SNP Genotyping) can be achieved with a number of different methods. In application note 187 a homogeneous fluorescence based method on PCR is described. The Amplifluor® SNPs HT Genotyping System from Millipore was used to screen a number of samples with the help of a FLUOstar Omega from BMG LABTECH.


See application note 187  to learn more about this SNP assay or go to Millipore's website see a more detailed description of this assay.

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