Should I be worried about evaporation within the microplate reader?

October 03, 2011

When running long term kinetic assays, evaporation of your media is always a concern. Cooling fans move air which in turns causes evaporation.

Image of Dr EJ Dell
Dr EJ Dell
PhD, Sales Manager Northwest

BMG LABTECH’s midrange readers, including the Omega and OPTIMA Series, do not need to use fans to keep their electronics cool, thus reducing the risk of evaporation. This provides you with significantly less evaporation than other microplate readers on the market that have fans built-in.  Less evaporation also equals better assay performance.

If you are worried about temperature control, the software will also illustrate the temperatures for each well for all kinetic reads and the temperature-regulated heating plates, above and below the entire plate movement area, provide uniform incubation from well to well.

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