Streamlining Next Generation Sequencing quality management using high throughput fluorometric DNA/RNA quantification

Ulrike Bönisch, Laura Arrigoni, Diana Santacruz, Nadia Kress Deep Sequencing Facility, Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics Freiburg 09/2018

NGS sample preparation laboratories such as sequencing facilities are conducting nucleic acid quantification assays on a daily basis but technology that provides adequate throughput and precision remains a challenge. Here we show that combination of Qubit assays with the FLUOstar Omega® multi-mode microplate reader is ideally suited to measure a wide range of nucleic acids and improves compared to the single tube fluorometer on sensitivity, precision and speed. DNA as well as RNA was quantified using the high-throughput equipment and showed comparable results as with standard quantification method. Especially large laboratories that perform automated high throughput sample preparation will profit from this technology.

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