Cellular and biochemical HTRF assays measured in 1536-well microplates

Franka Maurer (1), Thomas Roux (2), Fanny Plénière (2), Najim Douayry (2) (1) BMG LABTECH, (2) Cisbio 05/2016

The PHERAstar® FSX microplate reader has been developed to meet the requirements for advanced high throughput screening. The new laser for Time-Resolved-Fluorescence (TRF) assays enables fastest read times for measurement in 1536-well microplates while keeping an excellent assay performance. Two HTRF® assays from Cisbio were selected to highlight the enhanced performances of the PHERAstar FSX.

The HTRF® IP-One terbium cellular assay can be used to study the effect of GPCR agonist and antagonists on the Gq pathway. The second assay detects the interaction of a protein binding domain (BRD4) with a peptide (GST). Both assays have been miniaturized into the 1536-well microplate format. All liquid handling has been done with the Certus nano liquid dispenser from Gyger.

The PHERAstar FSX offers robust and fast readings for HTS and compound follow-up:


  •  a full 1536-well plate is measured in 36 seconds (using TRF laser)
  •  Z' > 0.8 for cellular and biochemical HTRF assay

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