Biocolor's APOPercentage Apoptosis Assay on BMG LABTECH's microplate reader

J.C. Morrow, D. Steele Biocolor Ltd. 09/2012

Apoptosis is a way of regulated cell suicide. It is investigated in toxicological laboratories that test compounds for cytotoxicity or in medical research that aims to induce cell death in diseased cells.


In course of apoptosis, phosphatidylserine is flipped from the intracellular membrane to the outside facing membrane to mark the cell for phagocytosis. The APOPercentage Dye by Biocolor Ltd is taken up by an apoptotic cell during this switch.


CHO cells that were either left untreated or exposed to different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide were incubated with the APOPercentage Dye for 30 min. Upon washing and lysis of the cells, absorbance of the dye was measured using a SPECTROstar® Nano microplate reader. The expected increase in apoptosis induced by H2O2 was displayed in a higher uptake and accordingly higher absorption values of the APOPercentage Dye.

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