We are celebrating our 30th anniversary

Happy Birthday from BMG LABTECH customers

We are celebrating 30 years in business! A true reason to meet the great people behind our microplate readers.


On the occasion of our anniversary, we introduce the people behind our microplate readers in a slack sequence. All of them made a huge contribution to our success and helped to make this milestone possible. During the last 30 years, BMG LABTECH developed from a one-man engineering office to a global manufacturer of microplate readers for the scientific community with over 150 employees and offices in Australia, France, Japan, UK and the United States.


Meet the BMG LABTECH family and click through the employee profiles below.

Our passionate R&D employees


These are all people who are responsible for the high technical quality of our microplate readers, spanning from mechanical design, to hardware and software development. Our research and development team brought up and constantly brings up many innovative technologies, that made us a technology leader in the field and let us stay at the forefront of the industry.

People at the other end of the phone line - meet our support team!


These likeable people are there when you are writing or calling us with your support query. They are happy to answer your questions and help you to get the most out of your BMG LABTECH microplate reader.

Our plate readers are built by their hands


These passionate people are with us to bring our microplate readers to live. Our production team spans from Prototyping to Assembly to Quality Control. Some of these colleagues have already been involved in building our first instruments.