Reaction optimization by parallel kinetic studies with the FLUOstar Omega

James E. Redman School of Chemistry, Cardiff University 08/2008

The yield of chemical reactions varies considerably with choice of solvent, catalyst, temperature and reaction time. Here, we show how the metalation of tetraphenylporphyrin (TPP) with zinc can be monitored by measuring absorbance spectra. The carousel reactor by Radleys varies experimental conditions and aliquots samples at different timepoints into a 96-well plate.


The reactor could be used in conjunction with the FLUOstar® Omega to conveniently monitor the kinetics of twelve reactions in parallel. Polypropylene microplates were found to be compatible with measurement of visible spectra of organic solutions and sampling and scanning of the twelve reactions could be achieved in three minutes.


The ability of the FLUOstar to collect complete spectra enabled the use of singular value decomposition and global least squares fitting to analyse reaction kinetics.

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