Elisa Microplate Reader

Move your ELISAs to a higher level

The spectrometer-based ELISA plate readers from BMG LABTECH optimize and miniaturize your assays

  • More than just an ELISA Plate Reader - Analyze ELISAs, enzyme kinetics, microbial growth and even cell-based assays with a single instrument
  • Read different chromophores without the need to purchase extra filters
  • Acquire a full UV/vis spectrum in the same amount of time you would need for one wavelength 
  • Ultrafast UV/vis spectral acquisition: from 220 – 1000 nm in < 1 second/well
  • Alternatively, you can simultaneously acquire 8 distinct wavelengths in  < 1 second/well
  • Compatible with microplate formats up to 1536-wells 
  • Precise temperature control and multiple shaking options
  • Quantify proteins, DNA and RNA in 2 µl using the A280 and A260
  • Made-in-Germany dependability
  • Miniaturize your assay on 384 well plates and save valuable chemicals and sample material
  • Use luminescent or fluorescent substrates and turn our multimode readers into advanced ELISA plate readers with higher sensitivity and higher dynamic range..


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Enzyme-bound immunosorbent assays are popular for the specific quantification of proteins and chemokines. Antigen-specific antibodies capture the analyte of interest and an enzyme-bound antibody labels it. The enzyme converts substrates into chromogenic, fluorogenic or luminogenic products that can be detected on an ELISA plate reader. The signal correlates with the amount of analyte present in the sample.

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