Absorbance-based methods for protein quantification on BMG LABTECH instruments

Andrea Krumm BMG LABTECH 09/2016

Measuring the protein concentration of liquid samples is a routine analysis in many life science laboratories. Accurate quantification is often a critical step for subsequent analyses such as protein characterization or western blots. Absorbance-based methods are well-established, easy to handle and cheap. They can be performed in microplates, allowing for high sample numbers processed at a time and low reagent volumes.

Spectrometer-based BMG LABTECH readers capture absorbance spectra or absorbance at discrete wavelengths from 220-1000 nm in less than a second per well and therefore can easily read these assays. The most common methods absorbance at 280 nm, Bradford, Bicin-Choninic Acid (BCA) and Lowry assay are presented here.

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