PHERAstar customers around the world: Our distributor Bio-Gene organized first Chinese user meeting

November 29, 2019

The successful story of BMG LABTECH user meeting continues. Inspired by previous PHERAstar user meetings in Europe and the US, BMG LABTECHs distributor for China (Bio-Gene Technology Ltd) organized a meeting in Shanghai, which took place on November 14th.

Image of Dr. Andrea Krumm
Dr Andrea Krumm
PhD, Application Specialist

Approximately 20 customers using the PHERAstar FSX high-throughput microplate reader accepted the invitation and took the opportunity to exchange experiences with the device.

The PHERAstar FSX experts from Bio-Gene and the BMG LABTECH headquarters gave the participants valuable tips for optimizing measurements, data analysis, device maintenance and automation. How the PHERAstar helps researchers to answer scientific questions was presented by three users. Dr. Zhaohu Lin from the Roche Innovation Center Shanghai reported on various methods for investigating the cellular target engagement. An overview of how GPCR ligand binding research is facilitated using NanoBRET technology and the PHERAstar microplate reader was presented by Prof. Zhiliang Lu of Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University based in Suzhou, China. The participants were introduced into a machine-learning approach to analyze related data of toxicity and functional assays by Weihui Guo (Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research, China).

The meeting has proven to be a valuable platform to enable the exchange of new methods among the researchers and to provide the information how to measure them in the most sensitive and fastest way.

The event took a relaxed ending with oriental food, further discussions and the conclusion: worth to repeat!

BMG would like to thank Bio-Gene for the initiation and organization of the first Chinese user meeting. We were pleased about the invitation and enjoyed your hospitality.