Multiplexed measurement of microbial oxygen consumption and growth

April 04, 2013

One of the capabilities that all BMG LABTECH microplate readers have is the script function which allows multiple functions to be performed without the need for user intervention.

Dr Carl Peters | BMG LABTECH
Dr Carl Peters
PhD, Senior Applications Scientist

An example of this capability is seen in BMG application note 207 where absorbance was used to measure bacterial growth and dual fluorescence intensity measurements were used to detect oxygen consumption.

Bacterial growth was determined using OD600 while oxygen consumption was measured using the MitoXpress® probe from Luxcel Biosciences. Thus multiparametric analysis of cell growth could be performed to assess replication as determined by OD600 as well as growth and alterations in metabolism determined from oxygen consumption.


This sort of multiparametric analysis is useful when assessing the affects of drug treatment and genetic alterations and the use of the BMG LABTECH FLUOstar Omega allows this analysis to be performed with high throughput.


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