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MetaCell-TM consortium introduces EU-funded project to develop cell-based assay platform at EMBL Symposium in Heidelberg

Ortenberg, Germany (May 2017) – The MetaCell-TM project H2020 Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) €2.5m funding enables the consortium of BMG LABTECH GmbH, Luxcel Biosciences Ltd and Axiogenesis AG to develop a physiologically relevant cell-based assay platform for metabolism in preclinical drug discovery and development. This project is supported by two highly respected research institutions, Oxford University, UK and Imperial College London, UK. The European technology SME’s will introduce the project at the EMBL Symposium: Metabolism in Time and Space in Heidelberg, Germany May 11-13, 2017.


Drug failure and high development costs (estimated €2.3bn per new drug) have driven enormous growth in market need for scientific tests and disease models that better translate between the laboratory and bedside. Critical tests are either not available, or only available on a few large, expensive instruments. In addition, there is a public demand for a reduction in animal testing and a drive towards better models of in vitro (laboratory or controlled environment) rather than in vivo tests.


Led by Luxcel Biosciences Ltd, the consortium will create a Gold Standard platform, within a laboratory in vitro setting. Cell assays will come from Luxcel Biosciences, the one stop shop for in vitro cell metabolism assays kits. BMG LABTECH, manufacturer of German-engineered high-performance microplate readers, provides the CLARIOstar® multi-mode plate reader with Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU), enabling O2 and CO2 gas regulation for in vitro hypoxia and ischemia/reperfusion conditions. The well characterized and validated cell models will be contributed by Axiogenesis AG.


For more information about the MetaCell-TM project download the MetaCell-TM flyer
For information about the EMBL Symposium please visit www.embo-embl-symposia.org

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