Matlab in MARS Microplate Reader Software

September 19, 2017

Do you know what NASA and BMG LABTECH have in common? Other than out of this world cutting edge technology, we both use MATLAB from MathWorks® for analyzing complex data sets.

Dr Carl Peters | BMG LABTECH
Dr Carl Peters
PhD, Senior Applications Scientist

NASA uses MATLAB and other technology from MathWorks® to put people and equipment into space and BMG LABTECH uses it to analyze data from your CLARIOstar, PHERAstar FSXSPECTROstar NanoNEPHELOstar, and Omega series of microplate readers.

In Popular Mechanics recent blog post Why MATLAB Is a Must-Know Programming Language, MATLAB was featured and some of its many accolades were presented. MATLAB is used by more than two million people worldwide in all fields including academia and the pharmaceutical industry. It is a powerful yet flexible platform for end users to create their own custom data analysis packages.


With the introduction of the Omega series of microplate readers in 2007, BMG LABTECH moved away from an EXCEL based data analysis platform and developed an entirely new program we coincidentally called MARS. “Microplate Analysis Reduction Software” or “MARS” for short is a proprietary software package that is now included with all new microplate reader purchases and was even made available for some of our older reader series.


Our engineers developed MARS to allow for easy one-click calculations on even the most complex data analysis requirements. Through the use of calculation templates, the end user can set up a series of formulas and data reduction procedures and have the same calculations performed whenever the program receives new data. There are several predefined calculation templates built in for the most popular assays such as 260/280 DNA, ELISAs, Cell Growth, and multiple HTS assay platforms.


MARS has numerous built in features that are unique to the microplate industry and virtually all statistical analysis tools needed to customize your research analysis. There are Standard Curve fit packages for linear, 4 and 5-parameter fit, hyperbola, 2nd and 3rd polynomial, cubic spline and the list goes on. There is even a user defined fit option for you to take control.

If you are interested in getting more information about MARS or any of our microplate readers check out our website at You can get a quote, inquire on a service issue or shop for products and accessories in our online store.  You can even buy the latest version of software for your reader and the latest version of MARS!


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