The OxiSelect Cellular Antioxidant Assay (CAA) on the FLUOstar Omega

Hanaa Yamani (1), Giovanni Abbenante (2) (1) RMIT University Melbourne, (2) BMG LABTECH 05/2015

During eating or breathing a lot of metabolic processes are carried out in the human body. The generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) is always part of the normal metabolism routine. However, ROS are also generated from exposure to cigarette smoke, pollutants, chemicals and other environmental toxins. Accumulation of abnormal levels of ROS in the body has been implicated in several diseases including diabetes, renal ischemia, atherosclerosis, cancer and ageing in general.

An important source of potent antioxidant compounds that can help to mop up ROS in the body comes from the food we eat. Antioxidants like vitamin C, resveratrol, gallic acid and quercetin are naturally found in fruits and vegetables in varying amounts. In order to research for eatables that have a positive impact on an individual's health and wellbeing, it is necessary to be able to quantify the antioxidant potential of foods.

In order to address this need a cellular antioxidant assay kit (OxiSelect) is now commercially available. This kit overcomes the limitation of classic antioxidant analysis (TEAC, FRAP, TRAP, Folin, DPPH, CUPRAC, ORAC) that do not give information on the bioavailability of antioxidants when ingested.

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