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8월 14, 2017

New gas ramping function enables world’s first in vitro reproduction of ischaemia/reperfusion conditions in a microplate reader

BMG LABTECH developed a new gas ramping function that can fully manipulate the environment within a microplate reader, by mimicking in vitro hypoxia and ischaemia/reperfusion. Equipped with this unique feature, the CLARIOstar® with Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) is the first plate reader that is able to rapidly return to physiological gas conditions upon active modification of oxygen (02) and carbon dioxide (CO2) tensions within the reader, reproducing disease-specific settings in live cell-based assays. The use of conditions that resemble as close as possible physiological or pathological conditions results in more reliable in vitro data that better translate to in vivo situations.

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8월 02, 2017

Accurate DNA quantification for Next Generation Sequencing with BMG LABTECH's plate readers

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) has become a powerful tool to investigate genetic changes that lead to cancer or diseases. DNA quantification is essential for NGS, where precise amounts of DNA are required. With its highly sensitive microplate readers, BMG LABTECH helps to accurately quantify DNA and ensure the required precision. The versatile multi-mode microplate readers are equipped with an ultrafast UV/vis spectrometer for fast quality and quantity determinations as well as unique technologies for high throughput fluorescence DNA quantification.

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2월 15, 2017

BMG LABTECH, Luxcel Biosciences and Axiogenesis secure €2.5m European investment to develop and launch cell metabolism analysis platform MetaCell-TM

Three European technology SME’s, Luxcel Biosciences Ltd, Axiogenesis AG and BMG LABTECH GmbH, together with two internationally recognised research institutions, Oxford University and Imperial College London, have been awarded €2.5m funding from the European commission under the H2020 Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) pilot, to develop and launch a cell metabolism analysis platform that is predicted to be part of routine in vitro cell biology and drug development.

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2월 07, 2017

BMG LABTECH’s UK subsidiary celebrates 21 years of customer service excellence

BMG LABTECH’s UK subsidiary has achieved more than two decades of innovation and steady growth. The subsidiary was established in 1996 and 2017 sees its 21st anniversary. It was founded to offer excellent sales and service for BMG LABTECH’s wide range of dedicated and multi-mode microplate readers for life sciences applications and high throughput screening purposes. Throughout 2017 there will be various events and promotions for the customers as BMG LABTECH Ltd celebrates 21 years of customer service excellence in the UK.

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