Z-height focus

Z-height adjustment is extremely important in obtaining the best possible signal from every sample. Even a focus positioning error as small as 0.2 mm can lead to signal decrease of up to 25%.


BMG LABTECH's auto Z-height focus scans the whole sample with 0.1 mm resolution, and then determines the height at which the strongest signal can be measured. While most readers set Z-height to “low”, “medium”, or “high”, or in 1 mm increments, the PHERAstar® FSX , VANTAstarTM and CLARIOstar® offer precise control in 0.1 mm increments.


Automatic Z-height adjustment is just another feature that allows the PHERAstar FSX , VANTAstarTM and CLARIOstar to detect the best emitted signal for every assay, every time. 


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