Using SPARCL technology to develop immunoassays for biomarker detection and pharmacokinetic studies

Wenhua Xie (1), Mark Cameron (1), Carl Peters (2) (1) Lumigen, (2) BMG LABTECH 06/2015

Detection of biomarker interleukin 8 (IL-8) is a good measure to evaluate the differences of normal versus pathogenic processes in the human body. Here we will show how the SPARCL technology can be used in combination with the BMG LABTECH microplate reader instrumentation to detect IL-8 as well as IgG.

The SPARCL technology is based on a specific antibody/antigen interaction that brings acridan and HRP into close proximity. After addition of a hydrogen peroxide trigger solution a flash of light follows. The luminescent flash exists only for a very limited time. A typical SPARCL pattern of flash luminescence shows that most of the signal is already gone after 1 second. Because of this situation it is necessary to use an instrument that is able to inject trigger solution and measure flash luminescence at the same time.

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