Miniaturization of an HTRF methyltransferase assay that detects histone modifying activity

Bonnie Edwards (1), Carl Peters (2) (1) Labcyte, (2) BMG LABTECH 04/2015

High-throughput screening is mostly done in pharmaceutical companies that test whole libraries of compounds. Reducing the assay volume will reduce operating costs. At the same time it is necessary to prove that the smaller volume will not have a negative impact on assay sensitivity and reliability.

Assay Miniaturization have been done using the EPIgeneous™ HTRF® assay from Cisbio. The assay is based on the detection of a histone modifying enzyme. After addition of compounds to the assay well it can be screened which of the compounds have an impact on a certain epigenetic issue.

The assay volume was decreased from 20 µl to as little as 2 µl. The reliable transfer of compounds, samples and reagents have been ensured by the Echo® liquid handler from Labcyte that uses acoustic energy - so no contact or tips are required.

Inhibitor dose-response curves have been obtained in 384-well as well as in 1536-well format showing excellent Z' values of > 0.88.


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