Improving throughput for assessing nephelometric turbidity units (NTUs) using the NEPHELOstar Plus

Carl Peters BMG LABTECH Inc., NC, USA 06/2017

Turbidity is a fairly general concept that is used to describe the dispersion of particulate matter within a liquid phase. Measurement of turbidity is classically important in water quality testing where turbidity is often expressed in NTUs (nephelometric turbidity units). Assessing turbidity is also beneficial in other applications including biological samples where quantifying turbidity is important for measuring bacteria cell growth or antibody precipitation.


NTU values can be derived from a calibrated nephelometer or turbidimeter such as the HACH® 2100N turbidimeter; however, collecting turbidity data with a turbidimeter is a time consuming, multistep process that employs large sample volumes. Here, we provide a higher throughput, simplified, low volume approach to the collection of NTU data using the NEPHELOstar® Plus. We present data directly comparing the NEPHELOstar Plus, expressed in RNUs (relative nephelometry units), to the NTU results from a HACH® turbidimeter.


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