A homogenous technology to investigate myriad of drug targets in high throughput screening

Combine powerful HTRF assays with the most powerful plate readers by BMG LABTECH

French company Cisbio invented and develops the HTRF® technology further to produce kits, reagents and services for drug discovery research. Their homogeneous assays target the Life Science topics GPCRs, Epigenetics, Biomarkers, and Kinases & Signalling.


The PHERAstar FSX, CLARIOstar, POLARstar Omega and FLUOstar Omega are multidetection microplate readers that are all HTRF-certified by Cisbio. The certification is given to microplate readers that meet Cisbios expectations in terms of S/N, DF%, CV%, sensitivity and dynamic range.

Choose the best microplate reader for HTRF assays


  • PHERAstar FSX - The top-of-the-range HTS plate reader for all your HTRF assays.
    • Dedicated UV-laser excitation
    • Two matched, HTRF-dedicated PMTs
    • HTRF-dedicated Optic Modules
    • Fastest read times with Simultaneous Dual Emission
    • All microplate formats up to 3456-well
    • Three integrated barcode readers & integration-ready
    • HTRF-specific evaluation templates
  • CLARIOstar - High quality HTRF measurements on the most versatile plate reader on the market.
    • High energy xenon flash lamp
    • HTRF-dedicated filters
    • HTRF-specific evaluation templates

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