Instrument quality control and preventive maintenance

June 01, 2012

BMG LABTECH instruments are German engineered to last a very long time, there is no such term as “planned obsolescence” at BMG LABTECH.

Image of Dr EJ Dell
Dr EJ Dell
PhD, Sales Manager Northwest

However like all instruments, a BMG LABTECH microplate reader needs to be properly maintained to ensure that optimal results are achieved over the longest possible operation time. Therefore BMG LABTECH recommends that your microplate reader undergoes a periodic (annual, biannual) Quality Control and Preventive Maintenance (QCPM) evaluation. A QCPM can occur onsite or at one of our local distribution headquarters. A QCPM consists of a battery of tests to ensure that all parameters are within their optimal operating range as well as routine preventive maintenance of the instrument.


If you have any questions about a QCPM or would like to schedule one today, please contact BMG LABTECH or contact your local BMG LABTECH representative.

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