How to choose the best Microplate Reader

March 23, 2018

As with most things in life, we have too many options and find it increasingly difficult to make the right choice. Every brand claims to be the best match for our needs but how do we ever really know?

Dr Carl Peters | BMG LABTECH
Dr Carl Peters
PhD, Senior Applications Scientist

The trial and error method works well for low-price items like peanut butter and jelly where the wrong choice costs us two bucks and another trip to the store but if you are buying a new microplate reader for your high-throughput screening lab, you need to get it right the first time.


Fear not, Mark Wigglesworth, Director of High-Throughput Screening at AstraZeneca, recently shared his evaluation criteria and how he found the best microplate reader for his research facility. Having used almost every plate reader on the market, the staff at AstraZeneca knew exactly what they needed from the next generation microplate reader and how to navigate through the abundance of choices.


Ease of use and reliability coupled with fast read times and high sensitivity are paramount in a plate reader that is used in an HTS facility. If you want to know how AstraZeneca tested and evaluated plate readers in their lab and which one came out as the winner, read the article Under the microscope: Choosing the best microplate reader in Drug Target Review.