How should I clean the injectors?

August 08, 2011

As many of today’s most popular assays (e.g. enzyme kinetics, calcium flux, dual luciferase, and ORAC) require quick reads and the ability to monitor a signal during and after the addition of a reagent, many of our microplate readers are configured to include reagent injectors.

Image of Dr EJ Dell
Dr EJ Dell
PhD, Sales Manager Northwest

If you always clean the injectors after they were used, it is sufficient to prime the pumps with distilled water.


However if the injectors haven´t been cleaned for a longer time, we recommend  following these instructions:

  • 1% DMSO solution
  • 50 mM HCl solution
  • 10 mM NaOH solution
  • Distilled water

Please prime the injectors several times with the different solutions.


For more information on reagent injectors for your BMG LABTECH microplate reader visit our technology page.