How flexible are the microplate readers from BMG LABTECH?

January 07, 2013

BMG LABTECH microplate readers have unlimited flexibility with temperature control to 65°C and shaking with variable speeds in three directions - orbital, double orbital, and linear.

Image of Dr EJ Dell
Dr EJ Dell
PhD, Sales Manager Northwest

Readers can take measurements from the top or bottom of a plate. Measurements can be endpoint or kinetic. Kinetic can be expanded to plate mode, which reads all designated wells several times over a longer period of time, or in well mode, which reads a single well several times quickly and then moves on to the next well. In addition, readers can include basic modes such as fluorescence, absorbance, and luminescence, or more advanced modes such as time-resolved fluorescence, TR-FRET, and AlphaScreen®. Our advanced control software easily allows users to create testrun protocols combining set temperature, shaking, and reading modes. But if you need more than the basics, the script mode can easily control the most advanced of protocols. One script used in measuring prion activity, for example, easily combines repetitive shaking of 700 rpm in a double orbital orientation for a minute, and a minute of rest, as well as a measurement every 15 minutes for several days.

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