The PHERAstar FSX microplate reader behind a laptop. The screen of the laptop shows the Genedata Screener Software interface. Logo of the Software Genedata Screener

BMG LABTECH announces Genedata Screener integration

One single analysis platform to streamline workflows, reduce costs, and benefit scientific projects


Ortenberg, Germany (January 2017) – BMG LABTECH collaborates with Genedata to provide a functionally rich integration between BMG LABTCH’s entire product range of dedicated and multi-mode microplate readers and Genedata Screener®, a data analysis and management platform for in-vitro screening technologies. “By focussing on the needs of the scientific community, we constantly strive to enhance the usability of our products and to optimise workflows beyond our microplate readers through collaborations with other companies. The Genedata Ready-to-Run integration enables customers to easily import the high-quality results of our readers into a platform that takes data analysis and management in screening facilities to a new level,” says Thomas Räbiger, CEO at BMG LABTECH.


BMG LABTECH’s multi-mode microplate readers PHERAstar® FSX, CLARIOstar® and Omega Series as well as the dedicated SPECTROstar® Nano are part of the Genedata Ready-to-Run program. The readers offer solutions for any screening assay and are used by leading pharmaceutical companies and academic research institutions all over the world. The microplate readers have earned the reputation of highest sensitivity, speed and precision for life science applications and high-throughput screening purposes. 


“A perfectly engineered instrument is only one part of the solution. It needs to be effectively integrated in modern screening laboratories to visualize, analyse and manage data in the same workflow,” explains Andrea Krumm, Application Scientist at BMG LABTECH. The company’s microplate readers come with a powerful software package including control software and the MARS data analysis software, which effectively run the microplate reader and extensively analyse data. “The Genedata Screener® Ready-to-Run program enhances our capabilities as it provides out-of-the-box integrations for complex screening technologies making it the perfect addition to all of our readers, but especially the PHERAstar FSX, the gold standard microplate reader for high-throughput screening,” explains Krumm.  Designed to import data from any screening instrument, Genedata Screener® can handle a range of data from small data sets to extensive experiments with thousands of plates as in ultra-high throughput trials. “The integration with Genedata Screener® helps our customers to reduce data analysis time and minimize efforts by decreasing manual errors and interpretation mistakes. The platform further helps customers to gain a deeper understanding of complex experiments and encourages scientific collaboration through secure data sharing,” says Krumm. 


The cooperation will be announced at SLAS 2017 in Washington DC, where BMG LABTECH (booth 529) and Genedata (booth 541) offer detailed information about the Ready-to-Run program. The integration will be available from early spring 2017 and requires little to no configuration for BMG LABTECH customers. It is instrument-specific, comes with defined functionality, and is maintained by Genedata as part of a software license agreement.

About Genedata
Genedata transforms life science data into intelligence with a portfolio of advanced software solutions and scientific consulting. With award-winning platforms, combined with deep domain expertise, Genedata enables dramatic increases in productivity and quality of research, development, and production. Founded in 1997, Genedata is headquartered in Switzerland and has offices in Germany, Japan, and the US.

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