Mitochondrial oxidant generation follows oxygen deprivation and re-oxygenation

Daniel Pastor-Flores, Tobias Dick German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Division of Redoxregulation (A160) 08/2017

Yeast is a popular model organism because it is easy to genetically modify, it is robust to differing environments and it is a eukaryote. Yeast can be studied under aerobic conditions when plated on agar plates. The Singer Instruments ROTOR device pins colonies of yeast, fungi or bacteria onto agar plates in 96, 384 or 1536 plate format and enables to study colonies in high-throughput.


Here, different yeast clones were pinned onto a plate resulting in 384 measure points to determine the organism’s response to varying oxygen concentrations. These concentrations were generated in the CLARIOstar® measurement chamber by its atmospheric control unit (ACU). The microplate reader detected differences in yeast autofluorescence, citrate synthase 2 expression reported by mCherry and a redox-sensitive roGFP2-based probe.

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