Microplate Reader FSX in front of the BMG LABTECH booth at Biotechnica 2017

BMG LABTECH will showcase its innovative microplate reader products at SLAS Europe 2018

Ortenberg, Germany (June 2018) – BMG LABTECH will be exhibiting at SLAS Europe 2018 in Brussels, Belgium, booth 114. The conference and exhibition will take place from the 27th to 29th of June at the Brussels Square Meeting Centre.

During the three day exhibition, the company will display its complete array of microplate readers - in particular, the PHERAstar®FSX, the reference plate reader for high-throughput screening. This instrument has established itself as the standard instrument in screening laboratories worldwide. „Screening facilities not only look for robust instrumentation but also for highest speed and sensitivity to manage their high-throughput measurements. The PHERAstar FSX microplate reader fulfils these requirements in all its detection modes. This makes it the go-to-reader for screening laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry”, said Andrea Krumm, Applications Specialist at BMG LABTECH.

Besides the PHERAstar FSX, SLAS Europe attendees will have the chance to see the CLARIOstar®, the Omega series, and the SPECTROstar® Nano readers. BMG LABTECH instruments are built to meet the requirements of modern life-science and pharmaceutical laboratories. Sensitivity, flexibility and data robustness are the key categories in which these plate readers leave their competitors behind.
More than 1.000 academic and industry scientist as well as technologists from all over the world are expected. The program includes 50 scientific presentations addressing emerging and hot topics in Biology, Technology and Discovery.

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