Alcohol quality testing

Use absorbance-based methods to test quality and authenticity of alcohol

The SPECTROstar® Nano absorbance reader accelerates and simplifies the quality control of alcoholic beverages

The analysis and quality testing of alcoholic beverages has advanced over the past couple of years - thanks to the SPECTROstar Nano and Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services, LLC.


As the industry struggles to combat counterfeiters, Gary Spedding, Ph.D. - the owner of Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services - has developed a trusted test to ensure that distilled spirits are original. A UV/Vis absorbance spectra of the spirit shows a unique "fingerprint" spectral curve - which are impossible to replicate in counterfeit or diluted spirits.


The SPECTROstar Nano can measure in both cuvette and microplate form, providing you with speed, flexibility and consistence in your measurements.

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