Food and beverage applications with the SPECTROstar Nano

March 01, 2012

Prof. Boris Minaev, B. Khmelnitsky National University, Ukraine's proposal  "Fabrication of Gold and Silver Nanoparticles using synthetic Humic Substances as a Reductive and Capping Reagent, Possible Aplications in the Brewing Industry" was also chosen as a runner up for BMG LABTECH's SPECTROstar Nano competition last year.

Image of Dr EJ Dell
Dr EJ Dell
PhD, Sales Manager Northwest

A synthetic method has been created for Ag and Au nano-particles (10-12 nm size) covered by gumic or fulvic acids. Colloid solution of thess nano-particles are useful for many medical purposes and used it can be used in the food and brewing industry. The SPECTROstar Nano can measure the concentration of Ag and Au nano-particles (10 nm size) through the characteristic plasmonic absorption bands at 530 nm. The usage of synthetic humic substance (HS) analogues as precursors in the synthesis of gold/silver nanoparticles is shown and a tentative mechanism of the initial gold metalocluster formation is proposed. The product can be used as additives to food beverages and beer.