Visitors chatting in the foyer of the exhibition hall of the Festival of Genomics in London

BMG LABTECH exhibits at the Festival of Genomics in London

Aylesbury, UK (December 2016) – The Festival of Genomics London brings together academia, biopharma and healthcare to explore the power of the genome in driving R&D and the diagnosis and treatment of disease into the future. Stop by booth #29 to see the CLARIOstar®, the microplate reader that provides advanced flexibility and sensitivity for drug discovery, genomics, cancer studies and synthetic biology.


The festival takes place from the 31st of January - the 1st of February and is thought for anyone generating, using, or studying genomic information. Robert Mount, Manager at BMG LABTECH UK, says, “The multi-mode microplate reader CLARIOstar has been installed in numerous cancer research institutions as well as drug discovery and synthetic biology labs. The reader is used for many applications in these areas and in particular, for DNA quantification and purity determination. We are an innovative company, the first to introduce spectrometers for absorbance measurement to multi-mode microplate readers and the only company to provide spectrometers across its entire range of microplate readers.” Thanks to that, BMG LABTECH’s readers acquire the whole UV/vis absorbance spectrum of a sample in less than one second, allowing super-fast simultaneous measurements at 230, 260, and 280 nm.


No compromises in sensitivity or flexibility


The CLARIOstar is the only reader on the market available with the three detection technologies required to run any assay: unique LVF monochromatorsTM, UV/vis spectrometer, and high transmission optical filters. “The CLARIOstar does not compromise on sensitivity or flexibility, providing instead the tools to choose what is needed for any genomic application. It is the most sensitive monochromator-based reader plate reader on the market and the best instrument for super-sensitive fluorescence-based DNA quantification”, explains Mount.

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