Time-resolved fluorescence

Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) detection uses long-lifetime fluorophores, known as lanthanides, such as europium, terbium, samarium and dysprosium. Unlike fluorescence intensity measurements, where emission occurs within nanoseconds upon excitation, lanthanides emit light over a longer period of time after excitation (microseconds as opposed to nanoseconds). This helps to reduce background noise by delaying the start of the measurement until after the background signal has decayed. This results in better performance in time-resolved fluorescence assays.


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Time-resolved fluorescence detection with BMG LABTECH microplate readers

TRF-based detection can be performed on all BMG LABTECH multi-mode plate readers, for example PHERAstar®FSX, CLARIOstar®, and the FLUOstar® and POLARstar® Omega. A high-intensity xenon flashlamp in all BMG LABTECH instruments provides high performance measurements, while assay-specific filters or Optic modules select the specific wavelengths, yield higher light transmission, and minimize unwanted background noise. In addition, the PHERAstar FSX offers further TRF-dedicated features such as the unique Decay Curve Monitoring and a dedicated TRF-laser.

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