Miniaturized platelet aggregation assay

febrero 07, 2013

Platelet aggregation is an assay that studies platelet function.

Image of Dr EJ Dell
Dr EJ Dell
PhD, Sales Manager Northwest

Understanding platelet function is essential to our understanding of the regulatory mechanisms involved in thrombus formation that prevent blood loss as well as pathological conditions where platelets are inappropriately activated triggering heart attacks or strokes.


The conventional assay requires the use of single purpose equipment and a relatively large amount of blood. This hampers efforts to analyze multiple conditions simultaneously or to employ animal models where blood supply is limited. As an alternative the BMG LABTECH application note: 'Miniaturised Platelet Aggregation Assays using the NOVOstar Microplate Reader' allows users to analyze a large number of small volume samples simultaneously.


The assay employs the temperature control and shaking capabilities of the NOVOstar with absorbance measurement at a wavelength of 405nm. A comparison of the three shaking modes available using the NOVOstar showed that double orbital shaking was superior to either linear or orbital shaking. Results show that aggregation seen by addition of collagen or collagen related peptide were highly reproducible within the same experiment or when platelets from different donors were employed. Furthermore, results were similar to conventional aggregation assays.


Although not employed in the initial analysis; the presence of two injectors and a robotic pipette in the NOVOstar plate reader could provide additional utility to perform dose concentration analysis or compound screening.


To the view the complete application note visit the BMG LABTECH website where you can see this and other applications using our plate readers.