No communication and cellular reactions without signaling molecules. Our microplate readers can characterize cytokine, hormone, and second messenger changes.

Cells not only receive extracellular cues, they also translate them into intracellular reactions. Extracellular signaling molecules comprise growth factors, hormones, ions, neurotransmitters, or cytokines.

Cellular reaction time covers from a few seconds to several hours. Accordingly, responses must either be triggered and measured instantly, or they need to be observed in living cells over a longer period of time. BMG LABTECH microplate readers provide injectors and a high sampling rate if fast reactions need to be captured. Further, the Atmospheric Control Unit regulates CO2 and O2 levels inside the reading chamber to provide a feel-good atmosphere for long-term cell experiments.

Signaling events rarely come alone, they take place simultaneously or in concert. In order to clearly characterize signaling events, BMG LABTECH devices offer the possibility of reading several assays in just one well.


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    • The Ca2+ channel CatSper is not activated by cAMP/PKA signaling but directly affected by chemicals used to probe the action of cAMP and PKA

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    • Stress and behavioral correlates in the head-fixed method: stress measurements, habituation dynamics, locomotion, and motor-skill learning in mice

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    • Time restricted feeding provides a viable alternative to alternate day fasting when evaluated in terms of redox homeostasis in rats

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