Real-time monitoring of intracellular oxygen using MitoXpress-Intra

James Hynes (1), Conn Carey (1), Catherine Wark (2) (1) Agilent Technologies, (2) BMG LABTECH 03/2012

Molecular oxygen is a key substrate of all aerobic organisms and the terminal acceptor of the electron transport chain (ETC). Analysis of molecular oxygen facilitates the elucidation of critical biochemical pathways; including cell survival and death, mitochondrial function, toxicological impact of compounds and metabolic alterations caused by various stimuli or disease states.


MitoXpress®-Intra is an oxygen-sensitive probe developed for the analysis of intracellular O2 using plate-based time-resolved fluorometry. Measurement is based on the ability of O2 to quench the emission of a probe which is taken up by endocytosis. The probe was tested in HepG2 cells treated with the ETC inhibitor Antimycin or the uncoupler FCCP and measured by a BMG LABTECH microplate reader.


MitoXpress®-Intra allows the convenient monitoring of intracellular oxygen on a conventional microtiter plate format. The probe is 'self-loading' and provides excellent signal to blank performance. This allows the investigation of a variety of parameters currently beyond the capabilities of existing probe technologies.

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