Filter & Optic Module Loan

Please complete this form if you want to loan optical filters or optic modules for your microplate reader. We will contact you as soon as possible to help you with your request.

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Filter Request (s)* Galaxy/Optima/Omega *Maximum of 4

If more than 1 filter, separate by "/" (e.g. 480 / 520, peak wavelength only)

Optic Module(s)* PHERAstar FS / PHERAstar Plus *Maximum of 2
Loan Agreement

The loan of this equipment is for a period not greater than 30 days - please request the parts when you are ready to use them. Customer is responsible for all shipping fees. Only in-stock modules and filters will be loaned. Custom requests are not covered in the loaner program. Loan periods will not be extended. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to return the borrowed equipment within the stated time frame in its original condition or BMG LABTECH will bill the customer full retail price for all loaned pieces.

If BMG LABTECH does not receive the loaned parts on premises by the 35th day, the customer will be invoiced for the full retail price. Commercial use of loan items for billable services is prohibited. The customer must provide the preferred shipping carrier and account number OR attach a shipping label. If no shipping account or label is provided, the filters will be sent via United States Postal Service. Return filters to the following address: BMG LABTECH Customer Service, Attn: Filter Returns, 13000 Weston Parkway Suite 109, Cary, NC 27513

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