PHERAstar FSX certified for Transcreener assays

Franka Maurer (1), Meera Kumar (2) (1) BMG LABTECH, (2) BellBrook Labs 02/2016

The Transcreener® assays from BellBrook Labs focus on the detection of ADP. Any enzymatic reaction in which ADP is produced can be followed and the enzyme activity is calculated. The assays use far-red dyes and are designed in three detection modes:


  • Transcreener FP (Fluorescence Polarization)
  • Transcreener FI (Fluorescence Intensity)
  • Transcreener TR-FRET (Time-Resolved Fluorescence Energy Transfer)


One requirement to achieve a Transcreener certification is, to read a full 384-well microplate in less than 5 min while the assay window and stability of data need to be on a high level. In the application note we show that the PHERAstar® FSX microplate reader uses Transcreener specific optic modules. High sensitivity data is achieved with a read time of less than 30 seconds.


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